Advanced PATTERN

Showcase advanced pattern usage.
評分: 5/5
含稅底價: 120,00 NT$
售價: 114,00 NT$
未稅售價: 95,00 NT$
折扣: -6,00 NT$
稅金: 19,00 NT$
製造商: Default

This product is used as a pattern for other products. It is a parent product and has multiple child products.
You can set several settings (content, customfields) for parent product. Childs of this parent will basically have the same settings as the parent automatically inherite until you overwrite.

One of the hugest advantages is stock control ability.


Customfield Parent
Customfield Child String 1 Customfield string 1: Child content
Customfield Child String 2 Customfield string 2: Child content
Customfield Textarea Child
Advanced PATTERN content
>> This three customfields are assigned by adding Customfields Parent.